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School Entrance Programs

We offer exam preparation for a variety of scholarships exams, Higher achiever programs, Selective Entry High Schools and specialist schools.


Scholarship examinations for private schools have a different purpose from ordinary classroom tests. While a school exam aims to measure what has already been taught, scholarship exams aim to predict the future achievement of the child. The majority of scholarships offered will cover a portion of the annual school fee. It is rare for a child to receive an offer of 100% remission of school fees. Most private schools offer a 50% reduction in fees, whilst some offer 25% and possibly less than this. Additional fees usually apply for other incidentals, such as sport and information technology.

The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (TAASS)

In 2021, 26 Metropolitan 14 Regional Government secondary schools offered programs to gifted students. These schools offer engaging accelerated programs for their gifted students to enable groups of likeminded students to develop academically, socially and emotionally. The SEAL Academy follows Gagné's model for the definition of gifted and talented students.

Entrance is by competitive examination, interview, and a teacher reference. Students selected to partake in this accelerated program will complete all content from the Year 7-10 curriculum in three years, instead of four. Students may then opt to complete VCE in two, or three years.


Many state secondary schools offer High Achiever Programs. These programs give advanced students the opportunity to engage with likeminded peers, and to extend their learning beyond the standard curriculum. Entrance to these programs is by competitive examination, interview and a teacher reference.  Unlike TAAS Schools, students are not fast tracked.


(Year 9, 10 and  11  entrance) 

The Department of Education and Training (DET) uses a centralised selection process to admit students to Melbourne High School, Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Nossal High School and Suzanne Cory High School for year 9 entry.  Each school has manages their own year 10 and 11 entry and students will need to apply directly to each school independently These four schools are known, collectively, as the Selective Entry High Schools.

Prior to the entrance examination, students are required to submit an application form, indicating their choice of the four selective entry schools, by order of preference. More details may be obtained from the Victorian Department of Education.

Students who sit the selective entrance examination are ranked according to their aggregate score, and places are offered accordingly.

•          85% of enrolments at Year 9 are selected from entrance examination results alone.

•          10% of places are  allocated  according to rank, score and equity considerations.

•          5% are selected through a ‘Principal’s discretionary selection category’. They are invited to attend an interview with the principal of the school, during which they may be asked to present a portfolio of achievements.

Programs and Prices

For Students sitting a school entrance exam, we offer 3 Programs assist them in their preparation.  Each Program is designed to offer a selection of workshops and services to suit the specific exam they will be sitting.    

  • BASIC PROGRAM.  This offers students one maths and one writing workshop of our choice in addition to one practice exam. 

  • The POPULAR PROGRAM consists of all workshops covering the different papers that they will sit in the real exam in addition to one practice exam.  In most instances students will only be required to sit one writing paper, but it may be a creative or argumentative/persuasive in nature.  This program allows students to choose one of these writing workshops only. 

  • The PREMIUM PROGRAM offers students every workshop and additional service offering available.  This includes covering every paper, all practice exams, revision sessions and additional writing tasks.  The number of additional service offerings does differ for each year level.

Please note customers who purchase a program are provided a Program price which is cheaper then the sum of the individual elements within each program and as such must be purchased as one entire unit. Any cancellations or non-attendance of individual elements within a Program will not be refunded. If you change a date of any individual component, 14 days’ notice must be provided, or a $50 administrative fee will be charged.  Please see full terms and conditions prior to purchasing a Program.  

Please select the link below that correlates to the Company who is writing the paper for the school you are applying for.   The link will contain the recommended program and price.

How to book

Please select the appropriate year level and the exam type depending on who is writing the exam for the school you are applying to.  We encourage you to check with the school directly who is writing the exam as this can change year on year.  Hendersons is not affiliated with the schools and can only advice you on who wrote the papers the previous year.

  1. choose a Program to suit your childs needs and your budget. 

  2. download the booking form below

  3. Click on the 'book now' page on our website to find available dates for each workshop associated with the Program  you have chosen.

  4. Complete the booking form, including the dates for each workshop.

  5. Email your completed booking form to

  6. The office will contact you once they have completed your booking to arrange for payment over the phone. 

Please note that if you book directly on our 'book now' page you will need to contact our administrative team to apply your 'Program' discounted price.  If you wish to pay by instalments, this can also only be done via our office for the time being. 

Year 4 Programs

Students entering Year 5 in 2023

Year 6 Programs

Students entering Year 7 in 2023

Year 9 Programs

Students entering Year 10 in 2023

Year 5 Programs

Students entering Year 6 in 2023 (Scholarship)

Students entering Year 7 in 2024 (Entrance only)




Year 7 Entrance Exams (not scholarship exams) such as Scotch and MGS. 

Year 8 Programs

Students entering Year 9 in 2023





Scotch (Scholarship entry only)


What Our Clients Say

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard

Year 8 Student

“…how pleased we are that our son participated in the workshop and trial exams at Hendersons in preparation for the entrance examinations for the prospective schools. We feel that this programme was

very helpful, especially given that some of the subject matter had not actually been covered at his school. Our son felt he did particularly well in the exams as a direct result of his experiences at Hendersons. We are pleased to relate he was very successful in the actual examinations”.