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So... your child is sitting an exam?

Which workshops do I book?

Scroll through the following images and click on your child's Year Level in 2023. Then, click on the PDF to view a list of recommended workshops.

Types of workshops
Exam Types

Exam Types

We offer exam preparation for a variety of scholarships exams, higher achiever programs, Selective Entry High Schools and specialist schools.

Whilst some school administrator their own exam, most schools use the exam papers from:

  • EduTest

  • ACER

  • AAS

  • HAST

Before you book your workshops, confirm with the school the exam your child will be completing.


Scholarship examinations for private schools have a different purpose from ordinary classroom tests. While a school exam aims to measure what has already been taught, scholarship exams aim to predict the future achievement of the child. The majority of scholarships offered will cover a portion of the annual school fee. It is rare for a child to receive an offer of 100% remission of school fees. Most private schools offer a 50% reduction in fees, whilst some offer 25% and possibly less than this. Additional fees usually apply for other incidentals, such as sport and information technology.

The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (TAASS)

There are 26 Metropolitan and 14 Regional Government secondary schools that are accredited SEAL schools.  programs to gifted students. These schools offer engaging accelerated programs for their gifted students to enable groups of like-minded students to develop academically, socially and emotionally. To gain entry into the SEAL program of a SEAL Academy school, students must sit an entrance exam. For a list of schools and details about the exam dates go to this link.

Selective Entry High Schools (SEHS)

The Selective Entry High Schools (SEHS) provide for academically high-achieving students in Years 9 to 12. The schools are:

  • Melbourne High School

  • The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School

  • Nossal High School

  • Suzanne Cory High School

John Monash Science School (JMSS)

The John Monash Science School is located on the Clayton Campus of Monash University. The school has a strong focus on science and mathematics. 

What Our Clients Say

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard

Year 8 Student

“…how pleased we are that our son participated in the workshop and trial exams at Hendersons in preparation for the entrance examinations for the prospective schools. We feel that this programme was

very helpful, especially given that some of the subject matter had not actually been covered at his school. Our son felt he did particularly well in the exams as a direct result of his experiences at Hendersons. We are pleased to relate he was very successful in the actual examinations”.

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