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Hendersons provides many services to assist students achieve their academic goals. 

Hendersons provides a suite of services to support students on their educational journey, supporting them to get closer to achieving their objectives. This includes students sitting entrance exams for Selective Entry High Schools, Higher Achiever Programs and scholarships exams.  If the choices are too overwhelming, we suggest you choose on our Programs, where we have compiled all the necessary workshops required for each specific school exam.  


Practice Exams are critical to prepare students for the psychological demands of an exam.  Our practice exams are conducted under exam conditions with papers that mimic the real exam.


Hendersons has created a Program to suit each exam format to ensure your child is thoroughly prepared for their specific exam. 


Students may be asked to attend an interview as part of their application process.  Our interview preparation involves a private session with an experienced teacher to help the student understand and prepare for the interview. 

Private tuition 

Hendersons offers private one on one tuition Monday to Thursday evenings during school term.  Places are limited and priority given to current Hendersons Students. 

Application & PORTFOLIO Help

This service will enhance the students application or portfolio by ensuring it includes all appropriate achievements and is presented in a clear and comprehensive format. 


The Essay Correction Service is available to students who have completed a writing workshop. Students receive feedback on multiple essays allowing for continuous improvement in their writing skills. 

Programs SEHS Anchor

The above programs detail inclusions in the Select-Entry High School Program (for year 9 entry). There may be slight differences in programs at different year levels or for different exams. To learn more about other programs available please book a consult with one of our Education Consultants.

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