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Exam preparation made easy.

Hendersons provides workshops and a variety of other services specifically designed to prepare a student for each exam paper.  To make the process easier to follow, we have compiled a complete Program specifically tailored to suit each school.   

How to choose the correct Hendersons Program for your child...

Follow the steps below to book the right Hendersons Program to suit each specific school exam.


Determine the exam format.


Select your Program


Choose your dates.


Ask for help.


1. Exam Format

Understanding the format of the exam is the first step in your child's preparation. 


While some schools write their own exam papers, most schools use on of the following third party providers to write their exams:

  • EduTest

  • ACER

  • AAS

  • HAST


Whilst we can assist with providing this information, we recommend you contact the school directly to determine which company prepares their exam as it can change year to year. 

Each company uses a slightly different format for their exams, that is each company has a different combination of subjects that they include in their exam papers.  Subjects may include:

  • Writing - Creative or Persuasive

  • Mathematics
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Reading

Once you know the Company, we can assist you with the exam format that they use and hence the subjects your child needs to prepare for. 

Exam Types
Select your workshop

2. Hendersons Programs

Select the correct Program for your child

Once you know the format of the exam, Hendersons can provide you with a Program that covers every subject specific for that paper.   That way, your child is prepared for the content we expect the student requires in order to perform at their best on the day of real exam. 

To determine the exact Hendersons Program for your child, click on the exam format under your child current year level at school.  This will download an overview of the subjects your child will find on the real exam paper and a selection of 3 Hendersons' Programs that will assist your child in preparing for that particular exam.  

Introductory Program:  This program only provides your child an introduction to the exam paper by assisting with writing and mathematics subjects only.  It also offers one practice exam which is pivotal for your child's psychological preparation for the exam by providing an opportunity to sit a practice exam under exam conditions and time constraints as would be experienced in the real exam. 

Standard Program:  This program offers one writing subject only in addition to all other subjects your child requires for that particular exam paper.  This program ensures that your child has been given the opportunity to understand the content of each paper within the exam.  This is critically important as some of the content is not covered in the school curriculum.  It also exposes your child to the difficulty level of each paper. In many instances the questions in the real exam may be of a higher standard of year level than they may be in. 

Premium Program: This program provides your child every opportunity to develop and hone the skills and knowledge required to perform at their best on the day. It includes additional services such as essay writing services which allows the students to write up to 6 essays with each essay individually marked by a teacher in order to provide continuous improvement throughout their preparation period. 

To determine the correct Hendersons Program for your child, simply click on the exam format your child will be sitting under the year level they are currently in this year. 

3. Choose your dates

Once you've selected the program that suits you, you will then need to select an individual date for each workshop or service within that package.  All of our available dates are available for you on our website.  Simply follow the instructions below to select you dates:

  • click the 'Book workshop' button below.

  • Select 'New Customer' only if you have never logged into our portal previously.  If you have logged in before, please select 'Existing Customer' and use the username and password previously provided to your nominated email address.  If you can't remember the log in details please email our office and we can reset the password for you. 

  • If you are a new customer, please provide the email address and contact phone number of the parent or guardian who is best to contact once workshops begin.

  • When you get to the booking page, select your child's CURRENT year level at school.

  • Then select each workshop or service in the drop down box to see the dates available. 

  • 'Add' the date and location to your cart.

  • Then proceed to select all workshops and services to see dates available.

There is no order to compete the program, however we do make the follwoing suggestions:

  • Do not complete more than one workshop at a time.

  • We do not allow students to complete more than one class per day.

  • Many students like to start with writing and leave the number based subjects towards the end.

  • It is best to leave 2 weeks in between each practice exam to allow the student to review the paper and learn from their mistakes prior to completing a second paper if one is available in their program.

4. Ask for help

We appreciate that understanding requirements of each school is quite overwhelming and we have Educational Consultants available to assist you with any questions, help you choose the correct Hendersons Program and assist with the booking process.  

Email us on or book an appointment with one of our Educational Consultants for help by clicking the button below. 

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