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Essay Correction

The Essay Correction Service provides your child with the opportunity to further practice their writing and receive additional feedback that will help them excel in their exam.

Prompts are available for creative writing, analytical/persuasive writing, and informative/procedural scientific writing (JMSS).

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Interview Preparation

In a one-on-one session (either face-to-face or online) with an experienced teacher, your child will practice and refine their responses to interview questions.

This will enable them to demonstrate their best self in the 'real' interview.

If your child has also been asked to prepare a portfolio we can help.

To book an Interview Preparation session, please email us at or call us on (03)9813 0277.

Application & Portfolio Help

The Application/Portfolio Help service assists students in preparing their written application for a school.


Parents purchase this service if their child needs to complete a written application/portfolio.


Before the session, the student will email their draft written application/portfolio and any supporting material to Hendersons. These documents are emailed to the teacher prior to the session.


During the one hour session with the student - and sometimes a parent - the teacher makes suggestions, amendments and recommendations to improve their draft written application/portfolio.


Following the session, the student emails their redrafted written application/portfolio to Hendersons. This redrafted document is emailed to the teacher for final feedback.

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