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Hendersons Educational Services

Hendersons specialises in preparing students for school entrance exams.  Whether it be Selective Entry High School or a Scholarship exam, Hendersons are here to help.

Hendersons Educational Services is Victoria’s leading School Entrance Specialist.  We are a company founded, owned and operated by teachers since 1993, preparing students for the academic challenges ahead and maximise their educational opportunities ahead. 

Hendersons specialises in exam preparation for entry to Selective Entry High Schools (SEHS), Scholarships to Private Schools, as well as entrance exams for The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (TAASS) and High Achiever programs in Australia.  We pride ourselves on the number of students we assist in obtaining places in their chosen school with a success rate as high as 85%*.  We offer students the opportunity to enjoy a challenging educational experience which aims to help by filling the gap in their knowledge base, psychologically and mentally preparing them for the exam while developing different ways of thinking and encouraging responsibility for their own learning.


We offer a wide range of services to help your child prepare for a variety of school entrance exams.  We recommend selecting a complete program specifically catered to your entrance exam, however additional service can be purchased.  Select the page a below to gather more information.

* Based on those who respond to our survey.

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Our Clients Say

“…how pleased we are that our son participated in the workshop and trial exams at Hendersons in preparation for the entrance examinations for the prospective schools. We feel that this programme was very helpful, especially given that some of the subject matter had not actually been covered at his school. Our son felt he did particularly well in the exams as a direct result of his experiences at Hendersons. We are pleased to relate he was very successful in the actual examinations”.

Year 8 Parent - Selective Entry High School 

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