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Hendersons Education Specialists.

Giving you the confidence and advantage to be your best. 

Programs & Prices

How can we help?

We offer exam preparation for a variety of scholarships exams, higher achiever programs, Selective Entry High Schools and specialist schools.

General Academic Advancement Programs

These workshops are designed to enhance and improve upon each students Maths and English ability.  These workshops are NOT focused on exam preparation. 

This service will enhance the students application or portfolio by ensuring it includes all appropriate achievements and is presented in a clear and comprehensive format. 

Hendersons offers one on one tuition Monday to Thursday evenings during school term.  Please contact our tuition team on

Hendersons can assist with mock interviews prior to the real interview.  This will familiarise the student with the pressure of an interview and help assist answering questions with confidence and eloquence. 

We're excited to work with you and your child. Whether your child is in Grade 4 or Year 8 our experienced teachers can ensure a strong success rate and superior educational outcome.

Please note that our Prices and Terms and Conditions were last updated on 16 June 2022.

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