Hendersons offer various workshops specifically tailored towards supporting your child's preparation for School Entrance Exams. In particular, preparation for Selective High Schools Entrance exam; Scholarships to Independent Schools; and Higher Achiever Programs.

Our workshops cover the content we expect the student to receive in the real exam. Each year we collect feedback from students on the real exam which dictates the content and difficulty level of each of our workshops. Please note that this does change year on year and we can only prepare your child based on feedback from the previous year. Hendersons is not affiliated with the companies who write these exams and hence we are not aware of the exact content or changes that may be made in future exams your child may be sitting this year.

We offer Programs which match the papers that your child will sit in their relevant exam. You will need to contact the school to determine which company will be writing the exam that your child will be sitting, this will then determine which Hendersons Program your child will need to complete.

We have a strict maximum of 8 students in all of our workshops, both face-to-face and online. Revision session and tips and technique sessions may have up to 30 students.

Hendersons also provides students additional bonus material that they may wish to refer to for revision purposed prior to the real exam. This material is not core content and is not required to be completed during the workshops. Hendersons provides this material in a protected, non-printable format, via a digital rights management software called 'Digify'. Under no circumstances will you be emailed this material in soft copy. If you would like Hendersons to print this material for you, an administrative fee will be applied.

We understand that this can be an complex or overwhelming decision for many parents and encourage you to contact our office for further assistance. You can make an appointment with an Educational Consultant who will walk you through each program and assist you with booking all dates.