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Hendersons provide Academic Advancement Programs, primarily in English and Mathematics. Our workshops within these programs, are fast-paced and are focused on lifting a student’s capabilities from good to great, as opposed to assisting with poorer performing students. Our staff have experience teaching academically advanced students and lack the specific knowledge and skill to assist students with learning difficulties.

Our Academic Advancement Programs are focused on nailing the basics covered in the classroom and are a great starting point, should your family be considering a scholarship or selective entry school for your child in later years.

Our School Entrance Preparation programs are set at higher standard and cover educational material not yet covered in the classroom. This is because the workshops within these programs have been developed to cover the content examinable in entrance exams for scholarship, selective entry high schools, accelerated learning programs and high achiever programs. These exams require a greater depth of knowledge and students are expected to perform at a very fast pace. The workshops assume a strong understanding of current (year-appropriate) classroom curriculum. In our experience, where a student is not already performing at a high standard, the advanced and fast-paced nature of our classes can, in fact, reduce a child’s confidence, which is so vital for a positive educational journey.

There are multiple factors to consider when deciding if your child is appropriate for our classes. This should include feedback from your child’s teachers, NAPLAN results, school reports, psychological evaluations (e.g., cognitive/intelligence test, standardised achievement test) and educational assessments, such as those we carry out at Hendersons. We encourage parents to take a holistic approach to assessing their child’s suitability, including their passion and desire to learn.

NAPLAN can be one of many tools to determine if your child is academically advanced, but we do caution parents not to solely use this result, nor any singular tool to determine your child’s capabilities. Many factors can affect the success of this test, including physical and mental well-being on the day. There are, in addition, many schools that ‘teach to the test’, which will lift a child’s results in comparison to others who have not received coaching. Interpreting a NAPLAN result can also be a difficult task and we encourage families to take advantage of our free NAPLAN evaluation program for further clarification as to your child’s suitability for our programs.

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