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Making the most of Hendersons Essay Correction Service

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Are you looking for a way to write a standout essay for a scholarship, selective entry, or school entrance examination? Hendersons' Essay Correction Service will help you hone your essay writing skills to ensure you make an impact on your assessor.

The Essay Correction Service is available to students who have completed a corresponding writing workshop. As part of the service students receive a set of three essay prompts, relevant to their year level and focus area (e.g. Creative Writing) which they can complete at home and then return to Hendersons for feedback from an expert teacher. To make the most of this service, we have a couple of recommendations:

1. 📆 Create a schedule for completion - to ensure effective and timely feedback on essays, we recommend setting up a schedule for the Essay Correction Service that ensures the final essay (Topic 3) is completed at the latest, two weeks before your child's real exam. If you have two months or less before the exam, it can help to work back from the exam date and set up a schedule like the following:

Week 1

Submit Essay #1

Week 2

Week 3

Submit Essay #2

Week 4

Week 5

Submit Essay #3

Week 6

Week 7


2. 🤔 Choose a focus area for improvement - before your child starts writing, look back at the feedback received on past essays. Talk with your child about one area they can focus on for improvement in this essay. Look back at workshop materials and notes for further guidance on how to improve in the chosen focus area.

3. ⏲️Time your child under exam conditions - make sure your child practises writing to the time they will have in their exam (this varies depending on year level and exam), but writing effectively to time is only learned through practise!

4. ✍️ Handwrite - if your child is required to handwrite their essay in the exam, they should handwrite their essays when practising. Legible handwriting is critical, because if an assessor can't read what a student has written because of poor handwriting, their mark will be affected.

Essay Correction Service is included in our Premium Programs, but can also be booked separately for eligible students who have completed the corresponding writing workshop.

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