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How to Get into Selective Schools in Victoria

Are you aiming to secure a coveted spot in one of Victoria's selective schools? Hendersons is here to help you navigate this competitive journey.


Understanding Selective Schools

Selective schools in Victoria are renowned for their rigorous academic programs and high standards. These institutions provide an enriching environment for students who excel academically and are eager for intellectual challenges. In Victoria, the selective high schools include, Melbourne High School, Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Nossal High School, and Suzanne Cory High School.


A male student sits at a desk in a study hall with a laptop and an open book.

The Selective School Entrance Exam

To gain entry to one of these selective schools, students need to sit an entrance examination. This exam is designed to assess students' abilities across various subjects and aptitudes.


What subjects are included in the Selective School Exam?

For Year 9 Entry to one of the selective schools in Victoria, the subjects included in the exam are English, Mathematics and Reasoning, broken into the following areas (or papers) in the exam:

  • Mathematics: Assessing problem-solving and mathematical skills.

  • Creative Writing: Showcasing creativity, structure, and coherence in written expression.

  • Persuasive/Analytical Writing: Determines the ability to understand an issue and discuss it in a logical and reasoned way.

  • Verbal Reasoning: Testing the ability to understand, analyse and interpret information to reach an accurate solution.

  • Numerical Reasoning: Assessing a child's capacity to interpret and handle numerical data, such as series, matricies, arithmetic, and deduction.

  • Reading: Evaluates the ability to infer meaning from a variety of forms (prose, poetry, maps, cartoons, etc…)


Preparation with Hendersons Educational Services

Hendersons has compiled specifically curated Programs that are designed to support students to excel in the select entry high school exams. Our Programs are packages of workshops, practice exams and other services which target the key areas that will be assessed in the exam. There are three levels of Programs:


A table describing the inclusions of the three levels of Programs offered by Hendersons for year 9 entry sehs exam preapration.

Tips for Success

With over 30 years of experience, in helping students prepare for their select entry high school exams, Hendersons recommends the following tips for success:


  • 📆 Start Early: Begin preparation well in advance of the exam date to allow ample time for practice and review.

  • 📝 Understand the Format: Familiarise yourself with the exam format, timing, and types of questions.

  • ✍️ Practise Regularly: Consistent practise with sample questions and practice exams improves confidence and performance.

  • 🗨️ Seek Guidance: Take advantage of Hendersons' experienced educators for personalised guidance and support.

  • 🧘‍♂️ Stay Calm: On exam day, maintain a calm and focused mindset to perform at your best.


Securing a place in a selective school is a significant achievement that opens doors to exceptional educational opportunities. With the right preparation and guidance from Hendersons Educational Services, students can approach the selective school entrance exam with confidence and maximise their chances of success.


For more information on our workshops and preparation services for selective schools in Victoria, please book a free consultation with one of our Education Consultants.

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