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These small, group-based workshops are designed to enhance and improve upon each student’s existing Maths and English ability. These workshops are not focused on exam preparation. The advancement programs have three aims:

  • To raise the skill of the child.

  • To provide academic extension.

  • To cover what has not been thoroughly learned and practised at school, before attempting the scholarship preparation workshops.

Snapshots and Writing Beyond Primary School Programs The aim of these English programs is to improve the general writing and reading skills of students so that they may use these skills in their everyday work. Each program consists of six workshops completed over a six week period. Each workshop is two hours and fifteen minutes long, with fifteen minutes of feedback provided to parents at the end of each workshop. During the course, the student will cover the following components:

  • Writing skills.

  • Reading comprehension.

  • Vocabulary enrichment and word usage.

  • Grammar, punctuation and parts of speech.

  • An overall theme for each session which will enhance general knowledge.

  • 11 essays are written over the six sessions.

  • Snapshots focuses on creative writing techniques.

  • Writing beyond primary school spends four sessions focusing on creative writing and two sessions on informative/persuasive writing.

  • A written report after the last session will focus on what progress has been made and suggest areas for improvement.

Introduction to Problem Solving Our Maths programs examine the mystery of the "written problem" and teach appropriate mathematical techniques. Students must have maths skills at a level appropriate to their year level to gain from these workshops. Each program consists of four sessions (2hrs 15mins per session).  The Introduction to Problem Solving program consists of four workshops, each two hours and fifteen minutes in length. During the final fifteen minutes of each workshop, parents are invited in to the classroom to receive feedback.

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