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Our History

Hendersons Educational Services specialise in exam preparation and assist students seeking to gain entry into Victoria’s most reputable schools. We provide educational support through our unique, teacher developed workshops, in order to prepare students for independent school scholarships, selective entry high schools, select entry accelerated learning (SEAL) programs, high achiever programs and Victoria’s specialist schools.

Hendersons is a company founded, owned and operated by teachers, since 1993. Our professional and trustworthy teachers are known for achieving superior educational outcomes, resulting in a strong success rate amongst our students. Our teachers are known for their expertise in the field of education and their knowledge of teaching gifted students. At Hendersons, we pride ourselves on our integrity and empathy in our business practices and our exemplary customer service.

Our teaching methodology is founded upon the premise that students retain more information when they are taught in short, focused sessions. The manner in which we teach, provides the foundation for strong learning outcomes and whilst our programs are specifically tailored towards preparing students to sit entrance exams, our programs also prepare students as lifelong learners.

At Hendersons, we believe students must develop skills that allow them to master their learning for themselves. We provide each and every student with a comprehensive set of resources, allowing our students to further revise and practise what they have been taught in the classroom, from the comfort of their own home. Our practice exams replicate the conditions of the real exam environment and assist students to develop skills to cope with the emotional, physical and mental strain that an exam can place on them. Our experienced teachers are on site during every practice exam and we are very proud to offer our customers immediate feedback after every exam.

As an Educational Services Provider, our mission is to create an ethical and professional environment, in which each child can reach their academic potential.

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