Practice exams are fundamental to our offerings. Every practice exams comes with a complete performance analysis, with detailed explanations for every answer.

At Hendersons, we provide you with the most authentic experience outside of the actual exam. We offer both Face to face and online exams, although, due to fluctuating lockdown restrictions we do encourage students to sit online exams. In addition, we are noticing that schools are starting to conduct their exams online too.

Students sitting an online practice exam will be sent a link via email, on the Friday before their scheduled practice exam and they may sit the exam any time before 9am the following Monday. Most results are available immediately upon the completion of the exam, but the essay must be marked by our highly experienced practice examiners and these are completed after 9am Monday and returned to all exam participants by COB of a Wednesday.

It is our recommendation that families book at least one practice exam so that their child can become familiar with the expectations and time management requirements before their formal exam.

View an excerpt from our Practice Exam Checkpoints Video!

We remind customers that our exams are protected by the Copyright Laws of Australia and as such, no material may be reproduced, photocopied or used by any person other than the original customer. No refunds will be offered where copyright laws have been infringed.