Hendersons Educational Services is proud to contribute towards ‘closing the gap’ for Indigenous Australians by assisting them to gain entry into one of Victoria’s highly acclaimed Selective Entry High Schools (SHS). Victoria has four Government funded Select Entry High Schools which cater for academically high-achieving students in Years 9 to 12. The selection process is based on students’ academic performance in one, 3 hour exam, usually conducted in June each year. Due to the highly competitive and academically challenging nature of these exams, Hendersons encourages all students to take the time to prepare both academically and mentally for this exam. Hendersons would like to provide one Indigenous Student a Premium SHS Package to assist them in preparing for the SHS entrance exam.

The Premium SHS Program includes; a workshop for each aspect of the exam, revision sessions, tips and techniques and additional practice essays. This program is designed to prepare the student for the rigorous and competitive nature of these exams to allow them to perform to the best of their ability on the day.

Please note we are independent from the Department of Education and Training and applicants will need to apply directly to The Department to apply for enrolment to a SHS school. We have no influence on a candidate’s success in gaining entry to these schools.

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Our Indigenous Grant allows one recipient a full SHS Premium Program (delivered either online or face to face). Indigenous grants are available to all secondary students wishing to apply for a Year 9 Entry into a Victorian Selective Entry High School in 2023 (sitting entrance exam in 2022). Due to the nature of the SHS selective criteria and the fast paced nature of our workshops, we encourage students to apply who are naturally gifted and educationally advanced. All applications will be reviewed, and short-listed candidates will be interviewed by a member of the Hendersons Leadership team.

Applications must be submitted by 1st November 2021 via email ( and include the following attachments:

• Certificate of Aboriginality or Confirmation of Aboriginality from a relevant authority
• Copy of most recent school report & NAPLAN results
• Letter of recommendation from current school
• Candidate’s handwritten letter to Hendersons outlining their approach to and understanding of learning and their extra-curricula pursuits (no more than 400 words)

Please provide the following details in the body of the email:

Applicant Details:
First name:
Date of birth:
Current school:
Current year level:
Student mobile number (if applicable):
Primary contact:
(Mother/Father/Guardian - please indicate)
Phone number:
Email address:
Which Indigenous community do you belong to?

We wish you all the best in your Educational Journey.