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Hendersons have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations, and we offer a variety of services customised to fit your child's specific needs. To learn more about the  programs we offer, contact us today.


Your Path to Success

Our services are customised to meet the specific needs of our students and their families. 

The educational system often causes families confusion. As parents, we ask ourselves many questions: Is a private school best for my child? Is a selective school going to enable them to meet and exceed their educational goals? Is a specialist school the right path for my child to follow their passions and interests?


If you need help navigating the educational landscape, Hendersons are here to assist. 


We offer a free, 15 minute one-on-one consultation with our General Manager, who has a 20 year history in Gifted Education and a strong understanding of the various options and benefits of different educational institutions. 


In addition to our free consultations, parents requiring further help in preparing a plan for their child are invited to book a one hour consultation with Dr Louise Baker. Educational consultations are priced at $150.00 for a 60 minute consultation. These consultations allow you to complete an educational plan, tailored towards your child's specific needs.


As School Entrance Specialists we give your child the advantage and confidence in School Entrance Exams and in their educational journey more broadly.

Please note:You must register your interest in a one hour consultation by emailing the office: 


Expert Coaching and Guidance for Exams

Hendersons offer various workshops specifically tailored towards supporting your child in preparation for their exams.

We invite you to contact our consultants to discuss the best preparation/coaching program for your child.


We work largely with students between Year 3 and Year 10, with the majority of our families requiring assistance with entrance exam preparation, preparation for selective high schools and specialist schools and scholarships to independent/private schools. 


We have a strict maximum of eight students in each of our workshops, both face-to-face and online. 


Students will receive a printed copy of materials for all face-to-face classes and a link to a soft copy manual via our digital rights platform manager, Digify, for all virtual classes. In addition, students attending virtual classes are given worksheets that they may print, or use in soft copy for the class.

We offer workshops tailored towards the specific papers your child will complete in their entrance exam.

You can see our tailored full programs/packages here. 

Workshops may be booked directly through the Book Now link. This will take you to the booking portal. As we have recently launched our new website, the booking link is external and some pages are hidden. This will not cause any issues with the booking process, but please contact a member of our team should you require assistance.

Please email:, or phone: (03) 9813 0277

View a snippet from a Year 8 Mathematics workshop!



A Comprehensive Approach

Practice exams are fundamental to our offerings. Every practice exams comes with a complete performance analysis, with detailed explanations for every answer.


At Hendersons, we provide you with the most authentic experience outside of the actual exam. During Covid-19, our practice exams are running online, via Test Invite, our practice exam platform. 

Students will be sent a link via email, on the Friday before their booked prac exam and they may sit the exam any time before 9am the following Monday. Most results are available immediately upon the completion of the exam, but the essay must be marked by our highly experienced practice examiners and these are completed after 9am Monday and returned to all exam participants by COB of a Wednesday. 

It is our recommendation that families book at least one practice exam so that their child can become familiar with the expectations and time management requirements before their formal exam. 

View an excerpt from our Practice Exam Checkpoints Video!

Please note: examination papers are rewritten at the discretion of management and we advise customers that the papers making up the majority of our exams are not rewritten every year. We remind customers that our exams are protected by the Copyright Laws of Australia and as such, no material may be reproduced, photocopied or used by any person other than the original customer. No refunds will be offered where copyright laws have been infringed.


Benefit from the Expertise and Knowledge of our most Experienced Teaching Staff

Hendersons can assist your child by conducting a one hour mock interview, prior to their formal school interview. 

Hendersons are fortunate enough to have former Principals on staff, who are highly experienced in conducting these type of interviews. 

The mock interview process will allow your child to navigate the complex and challenging environment of the formal interview and will prepare them so that they know how to confidently respond to common interview questions. 

If required, we can also assist your child to compile all academic and personal achievements into a portfolio that may be presented to the Principal on the day of the interview.

The cost of interview preparation for current Hendersons families is $100 for 60 minutes. For new families, the charge is slightly higher at $125 per 60 minutes. Should portfolio assistance be required, the charge is: $150 for 90 minutes for current Hendersons families and $190 for new families. 

During Covid-19 we are offering this service through zoom. Please contact our consultants to book your appointment. Places are strictly limited.


Showcase your Skills!

Hendersons offer a service that will enhance your child's entrance application and ensure that their achievements are communicated to the school in a clear and comprehensible format. 

These appointments are conducted by our most senior teaching staff, who will meet with you in person, or, during Covid-19, via zoom, to discuss and review an existing application letter.

Application help is charged at $150 for a 60 minute session for all current families. New families are charged a slightly higher rate of $190 per 60 minute session.

For those families requiring portfolio assistance and application help the cost is $200 per 90 minute session and for new families, $250 per 90 minute session. 

To help finalise your application, you will receive a further half hour of assistance from the teacher, via email. 

Please contact our consultants directly to book this service.


Tailored to the Individual

Does your child require assistance one-on-one with an experienced teaching professional?

Hendersons offer two different individual tuition programs. The first is run after school, Monday through Thursday, with four one-hour sessions available per teacher, between the hours of 4.15pm-8.15pm. Our teachers offer tuition in Mathematics and English from Grade 3 through to Year 12.

The second option, one which we designed for families trying to navigate the new educational landscape during Covid-19, is a one-on-one tuition service, booked on an ad hoc basis.


Do you require help in understanding how to structure your child's learning as they adapt to learning from home? Do you require a teacher to work with your child one-on-one, either during school hours, or after hours, or on weekends? We can assist!

We have staff trained in early childhood, primary and secondary years, many of whom have an expert knowledge in gifted education. 


Please fill in the online form and a member of our tuition team will contact you!


Expert Feedback from Experienced Teachers

For students who have completed one or more of our writing workshops, additional essay topics are available to purchase and complete at home. Hendersons advises parents to supervise the completion of these essays and enforce strict time limits that replicate those imposed in a formal examination environment.

Packages of three or six essays are available at a cost of $100 and $190 respectively. 


Revision Equals Perfection

If your son or daughter sat a practice exam with Hendersons and their result was not as high as you anticipated, Hendersons newest service is to provide a Practice Exam Essay Rewrite service.

Your child will receive an extra essay prompt and a secondary prompt as part of this service. 

Parents must ensure their child refers to the feedback from their previously marked essay (completed during their practice exam) and students must ensure they apply this feedback within the essay rewrite for best results.   


Submissions will be accepted via return email and the essay will be forwarded on to one of our expert correctors, all of whom are trained teachers.

Hendersons will endeavour to return the corrected essay to your child within 72 hours.  


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