The Process

We understand that a scholarship or entrance exam can be a daunting experience.  With Hendersons, we can help manage that experience for you.  We have staff available to discuss and answer questions or refer you to one of our specialists. 

We have provided a guide below on how to fully prepare your child for their scholarship or entrance exam.

Preliminary investigation

Browse our website to learn more about the different types and formats of exams on our Exam Information pages.

Call our office and discuss your needs with our experienced staff.  Request a free information pack detailing our workshops, an understanding of competitive exams whilst exploring issues and observations relating to scholarships, accelerated learning places, high achiever programs and Year 9 Selective Entry Schools.

Come to an Information Session

At our information sessions you will meet our educational staff who will go through what we do and how we do it.  We will discuss a student’s eligibility for a place or scholarship.  We will explore the type of exam formats for the different exams whilst giving you the ability to compare different schools in Victoria.

Understand the type of exams

We have supplied details of the exam formats for all types of exams.  Knowing the format is the starting point for preparation.  We offer workshops for each component of the exams.


We use the Naplan as a guide for your child's potential for a scholarship or place.  Understanding where your child sits in relation to others is a good starting point as well as drawing on your own and school observations.  If you are unsure whether your child should sit a scholarship or entrance exam then an educational assessment will assist in providing you with clarity.

Skills improvement

Our exam preparation workshops are not about up skilling your child but about teaching techniques so they can utilise their strong skills during an exam.  When they come to us they need to be strong in literacy and numeracy.  Some of our students will do our skills and enrichment workshop prior to preparation to improve their overall skills prior to preparation classes. 

Book workshops 

If you believe your child has the potential for a scholarship or place, if you have selected a school and understand the format of the exam, then you need to book now into our exam preparation workshops to start your child’s preparation.

Practice exam

Our practice exams are fundamental to our preparation. If you were to do one thing only with us then it should be a practice exam.

Do not register for a school you have no intention of going to with the aim of giving your child the experience in a real exam.  You will pay a similar registration fee but receive no feedback about your child’s performance.  This may reduce their overall confidence.

 We will let you have the papers back with answer sheets and guides so you can go through them with your child.

Interview preparation

If you are successful and called for an interview, we have teachers on call to assist your child with interview preparation. We also have a list of frequently asked questions.