Skills Improvement

We have some workshops which aim at raising students' skills and which are not focussed on exams.

We do this work with children in group workshops (maximum of eight students) on weekends and during school holidays.

The families who enrol students in these improvement courses have three aims: 

  • To raise the skills of their child
  • To give the child some extension experience.
  • To cover what has not been thoroughly learned and practised at school before attempting the scholarship preparation workshops.


Snapshots for Years 3 & 4

- 6 sessions creative writing

Snapshots for Years 5 & 6

- 6 sessions creative writing

Writing Beyond Primary School for Years 7 & 8

- 4  sessions creative, 1 session informative and 1 session persuasive writing

You Pull the Strings for Years 7 & 8

 – 6 sessions creative writing

Aim: To improve the general writing and reading skills of students so that they may use these skills in their everyday work.

Format: Each course consists of six sessions, 2hrs 15mins per session.

During the course the student will cover the following components:

  • Writing skills.
  • Reading comprehension.
  • Vocabulary enrichment and word usage.
  • Grammar, punctuation and parts of speech.
  • An overall theme for each session which will enhance general knowledge.
  • A written report after the last session will focus on what progress has been made.


Introduction To Problem Solving (Year 3, Year 5 & Year7)

Aim: Examine the mystery of the "written problem" and learn appropriate techniques.  Students must have maths skills at a level appropriate for their year level to gain from these workshops.

Format: Each course consists of four sessions, 2hrs 15mins per session.

All skills in each course are introduced in small incremental steps.  This step by step approach is enhanced by clear explanations from the teacher.  In this way many operations or concepts that have seemed mysterious in the past become clearer to the student.