Hendersons Services

Exam Preparation Workshops

Short intensive workshops that teach techniques to help you perform at your best. Focus on the papers to prepare for the exam.

Skills Improvement

Our English skills workshops develop and improve general writing skills by enriching vocabulary, improving ability in everyday school work, building confidence and aiding the creative process. Our Maths skills workshops examine the mystery of the “written problem”.

Practice Exams

The best ways to prepare for the real exam is to practise as you would on exam day. Our exams are formatted like the real ones.

Individual Tutoring

Offering support to complement the work done at school for Year 3 to Year 12 students. We concentrate one on one in areas of concern or to extend current knowledge.

Educational Assessment

Our educational assessment will advise you of the likelihood of your child winning a scholarship or gaining a place and we will give recommendations for further development.

Interview Preparation

Our one and a half hour mock interview will assist your child to be prepared for their interview.

Application Assistance

We assist with a detailed application or portfolio to present at the time of your child’s registration, exam or interview.