SEAL and Enrichment Programs

A number of state high schools offer programs for very able children which accelerate them through high school and reduce secondary schooling from six years to five years.  Entrance is by competitive examination, interview and teacher reference.  Due to the large volume of applicants, some schools do not interview for the positions.

A number of other schools offer a High Achiever Program for able students which allows the school to extend a group of children, without the acceleration.

Sometimes the reason for students pursuing places at these schools is because of their excellent reputation.  Entry into the programs can give a family outside the school zone an opportunity to enter the school.

The Education Department website offers a brief description of all programs in government schools for bright students.  It carries an excellent description of the Select Entry Accelerated Learning classes in some government schools.

Further information can be obtained from The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools.

The format of the exam depends mainly on the company that has been commissioned by the school to write the papers. The main companies writing entrance exams for SEAL and Higher Achiever programs are ACER and Edutest™. Some schools decide to write their own whilst others use independent educational consultants.

With this in mind, it is important to understand which company is preparing the exam for your school. An excellent place to start is the school’s website.

The formats for these companies differ and a general guide to the format can be seen for each:

ACER HAST format

Schools have a choice of different combinations of HAST.  

EDUTEST format (same program as scholarship program)

Those students wishing to apply for scholarships or places at two different schools will need to sit at the earliest exam and share the results with the other schools, after paying a fee to each school.



Creative Writing or Opinion Writing

Reading Comprehension


Abstract Reasoning (for some schools)

* We have written one set of papers for a practice exam.

Creative Writing


Reading Comprehension

Verbal Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning

* At least one Practice Exam