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ACER Exam formats

ACER has been writing exam papers for over forty years. They are the predominant company for scholarship exams. They have several different tests.

Types of ACER scholarship exams pertaining to Victoria are

Primary School program (PSP) format

As the name suggests, this is testing of Primary school students in Years 3, 4 or 5 for scholarships which begin in years 4 , 5 or 6. It is generally held in May but schools can request alternate dates.

Scholarship Selection Tests (SST) & Co-operative Scholarship Testing Program (CSTP)

The only difference between these exams is the timing. A SST exam is written for only one school. So three SST schools mean three exams. The CSTP test is one set of papers sat in May when results are shared between schools that parents select.

ACER produce three levels of scholarship tests. The level is dependent on the year level the student is in at the time of sitting the exam. Please note that our descriptions are based on the Victorian school system The SST exams are generally conducted from mid February to mid March each year.

For a more detailed description, visit the ACER website.