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John Monash Science School

John Monash Science School is a selective entry high school for up to 660 Year 10 to 12 students. This specialist school focuses on Science, Mathematics and associated technologies. It opened in February 2010 with 220 Year 10 students.

The school has been built in the grounds of Monash University, Clayton. Selection is by Academic Assessment and [perhaps] an Interview. Further details about the school and the enrolment conditions can be found at

The format for the exam is :

Written Expression -Demonstrating an interest and passion for Science. Two pieces of 25 minutes each.

Mathematics - 30 minutes for 60 questions.

Science Based Reading and Reasoning - 30 minutes for multiple choice questions ..... our students thought about 40 questions.

Numerical Reasoning - 30 minutes for 50 questions.

YEAR 8/9 workshops


Analytical Writing - our emphasis here is on the organisation of this type of essay, the use of effective language and the way to express a point of view or an argument.

Mathematics (four half days or two whole days).

We focus on Maths problem solving and exam technique. These workshops are not about training in the basic processes of Mathematics. Students entering for JMSS should already be proficient at Maths. (over nearly twenty years we have gathered from students information about the questions used in exams).

There are two stages in solving any problem.

o Analysis – what is this problem really about? What data does the question have which may help solve it?

o Strategies – the skills that will help to solve the problem.

Reading Comprehension - A one-day course to teach students the skills of inferential reading as well as how to interpret maps, diagrams, charts, and illustrations. To select from answers which include partly correct answers, common errors of reasoning and misconceptions requires students to analyse the text quite closely.

Science Reasoning - A half-day course to look at examples of questions so as to increase confidence in this style of reasoning. These tests do not require any great amount of scientific knowledge but usually only need common knowledge and an ability to apply this logically.

Numerical Reasoning- A one-day course to look with students at the skills that Numerical Reasoning tests are examining. Numerical Reasoning Tests measure the degree to which people can work comfortably with quantitative concepts.

Practice Exams - are fundamental to our program. Every practice exam comes with complete performance analysis with detailed explanation for every answer. We provide you with the most authentic testing experience outside of the actual exam. Results and corrected papers are handed back to students and parents within fifteen minutes of the conclusion of the exam with written explanations.