Scholarship and Entrance Exam Preparation Workshops

We offer exam preparation for a variety of scholarship examsSEAL and enrichment programs and the Selective High Schools

Our programs are conducted over a limited period of time as we believe that students will retain the information better and be more able to build on what they have learnt.   The groups are made up of like-minded children so that the sessions flow and cater to their specific needs.  The content and approach of our workshops and practice exams are based on the types of papers found in the actual exams your child will be sitting. 



We focus on Maths problem solving and exam technique. These workshops are not about training in the basic processes of Mathematics. Students entering for Scholarships or entry to selective school, should already be proficient at Maths.

There are two stages in solving any problem.

Analysis –        What is this problem really about?                      

                      What data does the question have which may help solve it?

Strategies –    The skills that will help to solve the problem.

Reading Comprehension

This course aims to teach students the skills of inferential reading, as well as how to interpret maps, diagrams, charts and illustrations.

Creative Writing/ Write Creatively 

Our emphasis here is on the structure of an essay, the use of expressive language and the way to respond to an illustration or other prompts.

Analytical Writing/ Write to Inform (we cover topics which could be analytical, discussion, informative, persuasive or procedure)

Our emphasis here is on the organisation of this type of essay, the use of effective language and the way to express a point of view or an argument.

Verbal Reasoning

This course develops the skills required to see relationships and solve problems using words and language. These tests include verbal analogies, synonyms, antonyms and logical reasoning.

Numerical Reasoning

The focus is on developing the skills needed to see relationships and solve problems using numbers. These tests include missing numbers, worded problems and logical reasoning.

Abstract Reasoning

A half-day course to teach our techniques on how to attack and solve these puzzle type papers.

Science Reasoning

A half-day course to look at examples of questions to increase confidence in this style of reasoning.

Writing for Science

This programme looks at the main styles of writing about Science which have been used in tests in the last ten years. Writing to persuade, analyse or inform about a scientific area of interest as well as to interpret and write about experiments.

Practice Exams

These are fundamental to our program. Every practice exam comes with complete performance analysis (in a group) with detailed explanations for every answer. We provide you with the most authentic testing experience outside of the actual exam as students adhere to strict exam conditions. Results are handed back to students and parents within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the exam with written explanations. Following comprehensive group analysis, individual consultations with correctors are available to further discuss feedback for written essays.

We strongly recommend booking at least one practice exam for students to become familiar with the expectations and time management required. Year 4 and Year 5 students must have undertaken a workshop to sit a practice exam.

Use our practice exam to relieve anxiety, increase confidence and provide your student with more questions to review prior to the real exam. We believe that one of the best ways to prepare for the real exam is to practise as you would on exam day. Consequently, we do not offer our exams by post or online as this is not the way the real exam is administered.

With correctors on site, you will receive within 15 minutes of your child completing the exam:

  • All corrected multiple choice question answer sheets
  • Corrected essay papers with teacher comments
  • All exam questions

Our comprehensive practice exam guide provides explanations of answers, an analysis of the results and tips in what you can do after the practice exam.