Assessments for Scholarship exams and Melb High, Mac.Rob, Nossal, Cory, JMSS entry

Our educational assessment will reveal any specific weaknesses that a student may have in the basic subjects of reading, writing and mathematics. 

Assessments may be requested by parents who:

  • Want to know if their child should sit a scholarship or selection exam.
  • Wish to know what their child’s educational standard is.
  • Are concerned that there may be gaps in the child’s educational knowledge, and wish to catch up before the child enters secondary school or sits an entrance exam to a selective high school of the student’s performance in each of the three areas. 


Writing (15, 20 or 25 minutes)

Students are given one topic on which to write a narrative piece. These will be marked to give some indication of the writing ability of the student.

Mathematics Test (45-60 minutes)

Two parts:

  • Standard test of skills in number, space, measurement, and chance and data. Includes percentile ranking.
  • Short test of the four basic processes; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. No percentile ranking.

Reading Test (30 minutes)

Standardised test which indicates what level of skill the child has reached in the understanding of what he/she reads. The scoring is in terms of the level expected for the age of the student.

Reasoning Test (45 minutes)

These are tests which provide a measure of natural ability. They contain literacy, numeracy and non-verbal items.  Each test provides an overall ability score and a profile of the student’s performance in each of the three areas.

Appointments may be made by phoning the office or by email.

Reporting to parents 

The tests will be corrected and comments made to the child's parents.  The feedback to the parents usually takes about twenty minutes.  The tests and answers are taken home by the parents at the end of the assessment.