About Hendersons Educational Services

Our History

Since 1990, we have been helping higher achieving students perform at their best and assisting them on their path to success. We are specialists in preparing students for exams and have delivered consistently superior results for our clients over the last twenty- nine years. 

Our Wins

For all the years that we have been in business, we have had a consistent percentage of our students winning scholarship interviews.  We count it as a win for us when a student reaches the interview stage, as it is the academic part of the process to which we contribute.  Over the last several years we have had about half of our students, each year, achieve their goal of a scholarship or entry to an Accelerated Learning Program. In 2017, around 63% of students that attended Hendersons were successful in gaining entrance into a Selective High school.

Our Teachers and Programs

All Hendersons teaching staff are experienced and highly qualified teachers.  They are carefully selected to ensure our philosophy and exemplary teaching standards are maintained.  We train all our teachers in the delivery of our specially designed programs, which are written by ourselves.

Hendersons tends to offer programs that are short and succinct based on research that shows that the first ten hours of study, when held close together, enables the greatest amount of learning to take place. Eg: Intensive Course Delivery Mode [Pedagogical Possibilities for the Professions] The University of Adelaide SA.  In addition to this, classes held in close proximity enables our teachers an unprecedented opportunity to analyse errors which may otherwise be dismissed as simple slips.

Other Benefits

Our courses have educational value apart from any scholarship, accelerated high school or selective high school outcome. Bright children like to interact with, and learn from others at a similar intellectual level. The groups are made up of like-minded students so that the session flows and caters to their specific needs. There never more than 8 students in any class.